Special Features

    Capri provides its clients a most convenient and secure way to access 24/7 through any internet enabled computer, that provides all the necessary tools to dictate, review, edit, and e-sign their transcribed reports. The physician dictates by dialing a toll free number or through a digital handheld recorder into Capri's digital dictation systems, which is situated at a secure data center. Reports are returned on-line with latest security standards and data confidentiality. 

Some of our special features:

  No start-up cost or capital expenditure.

  Password protection.

  Dictate from any touch-tone telephone to our toll free number or handheld recorder with out  any expense.

  Access your files 24/7 

  24-hours turn-around-time.

  98% and above accuracy.

  Secure encryption.

  17-line toll free connection that will get you the line at any time.

  Very competitive rates.

          Capri has signed an agreement with Medikin to provide their latest communication technology and encryption coding. Some of the advanced and unique features it provides are: Search EPR: allows to search a document on the basis of single or multiple files, which makes it easy for the physician to locate the file required, even after 2 years within few seconds, by mentioning the file number or just the patient name.

TAT Report:  provides the physician with the facility wherein he/she is ensured of the time the files has been uploaded and if they have reached them as per the specifications, that is the TAT period.

 Recent Activity Log: provides all the activities of your account, on account and date basis covering Login and logout information, Audio file upload, Document file upload, File deletion, Email and Fax information.

 Billing Report: this is an online invoice report generation option to give a Summary or Detailed report on an account basis for a particular period. Summary gives a snapshot view of the invoice, whereas the detailed report gives file-to-file count of an account for the selected period.